Boston Children’s Hospital is the pioneer and was the first organization to initiate a program that supports ALS patients to bank messages and then have access to those messages in their own voice using digital technology.
The ALS Augmentative Communication Program is a unique full time Augmentative Communication/Assistive Technology Program focused on supporting people with ALS, proactively but at any time during their life with ALS.


The program provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art evaluation and treatment for children and adults with congenital or acquired disorders affecting expressive communication, comprehension and computer access. This includes children with autism.

The Boston's Children Hospital has selected 'my-own-voice' solution as part of its Augmentative Communication Program to allow patients to record a digital version of their voice that will be used on AAC devices.

Terms of support

Support patients of the Boston Children’s Hospital ALS Program who, through assessment outcomes are candidates to bank messages and use them to create a my-own-voice.

More information about the ALS Augmentative Communication Program here .