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ALS: keep talking with a digital copy of my voice via ‘Les Invincibles-All United’ French association. 

My-own-voice in Australia: New partner for voice banking access for individuals living with MND.

MND Association and Acapela Group celebrate the AAC Awareness month with complimentary my-own-voice deliveries

My-own-voice Version 4 now available!

‘Hi Kids, Let’s talk!’ – Voice banking for children by Acapela Group.

CES 2023: VoiceAI by Acapela Group, Innovation-Award winner.

Acapela Group’s voice banking solution named as CES 2023 Innovation Awards Winner

‘La vida es hoy’: Esteban Bullrich, a well-known Argentinian politician diagnosed with ALS, continues speaking thanks to “my-own-voice”

Voice banking in 50 sentences: introducing version 3 of ‘my-own-voice’

DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION: Acapela Group, Proud winner of Gitex Award in the Healthcare Category.

Gitex2019: ‘my-own-voice’, the innovative voice banking solution developed by Acapela Group, now available in Arabic.

Give every individual a voice: Motor Neurone Disease Association adds ‘my-own-voice’ from Acapela Group to its voice banking solution offer for people living with motor neurone disease.

‘my-own-voice’ available for people with communication disabilities using Predictable app

Team Gleason Adds “my-own-voice” by the Acapela Group to Synthetic Voice Options for People Living with ALS

Speech impairment: Acapela DNN technology enhances the voice banking process of my-own-voice.