Maud (February 2022)


« Jag laddade ner min tre månaders röst i TD talk så länge. Och wow 🤩 vad glad jag var, så glad att jag grät! ❤️fantastiskt att få en egen data röst! Det har känts som om någon flyttat in här när jag pratat med standard data rösterna, nu känns det mer naturligt att kommunicera med min röst. Lycka, att få använda min egna röst igen! Hurra!!!!! »

« I downloaded my own voice in TD Talk, free for 3 months. And wow 🤩 I was so happy that I cried! ❤️ It is just so incredible to get your own digital voice! Earlier when I was using the standard voices it felt like some visitor was talking rather than me, now it feels way more natural now communicating with my own voice. Sounding like myself again is such a treat! Hurray!!!!! »

Eric (February 2021)

Check out the short video made by Eric, who is using his digital voice, made with my-own-voice service, based on the BCH Message Banking Process*(TM), of 4500 banked existing messages. The remaining .wav files were transcribed and then uploaded to Acapela to 'double dip' and create a synthetic voice.

David (October 2020)


« My daughter had to do a double-take and stood there totally stunned. I then called my dad with my device, and he just cried.[…] you can clearly hear that it’s me. Thank you so much! Thumbs up! Sincerely. »

Jose Medina (June 2020)


« Acapela Group my-own-voice team… Thank you! Your team did an amazing job, I have my voice again! A teary-eye moment accompanied with a huge smile. Thank You. »

David (May 2020)


« I’ve just had a quick try with the voice and yes I’m very impressed, it sounds so much like my voice that it actually brought tears to my wife eyes! So much better […] »

Sheri (March 2020)


« Just need to tell you how much I am enjoying my Acapela voice. The quality is simply top notch. Actually had a friend tell me today that she could now understand me perfectly […] (but she couldn’t with the application stock voice). Find myself entering sentences just to hear my old voice again!
Thank you for your willingness to help me and making process go so smoothly. What a gift!! »